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✭ Paul&Charlotte ✭

Nos supercopains doués, Paul&Charlotte, nous offre pour Noël un titre à télécharger et on est supercontent-e-s !


Paul&Charlotte sur facebook.

Paul&Charlotte sur myspace.

Paul&Charlotte dans ta culotte.


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Thecocknbullkid, musique bien burnée personnage déluré.

La chanteuse la plus cool du moment, Anita Blay aka Thecocknbullkid est un petit sucre. Non contente d’être jolie, élégante et talentueuse, elle se révèle extrêmement disponible et répond aux questions avec ce petit humour britannique qui fait son charme. Produite par le génial Joseph Mount (cerveau de Metronomy) et par le duo franco-suèdois Radioclit (producteurs entre autres de MIA et Santogold, il y a pire comme carte de visite), ses chansons mélancoliques mais légères, electro mais pas vraiment dansantes comportent une signature unique, dûe à son éducation musicale variée (elle aime autant Missy Elliott que Morrissey ou Abba). Miss Anita Blay est le bling-bling guest de la semaine.


1 Introduce Yourself
Hello, I’m Anita Blay or you may know me as Thecocknbullkid.

2 Describe your music

3 What are your influences?
Pop, Madonna, heartbreak (not the band, the intangible emotion), vices and Morrissey

4 Why music?
I don’t know but we seem to work well together.

5 Three words you like?
Love, douche and haberdashery. (mercerie)

6 Three words you hate?
Nice, nice and nice

7 Favourite drugs?
Erm, life?

8 Favourite place to chill?
My room, under my duvet watching Curb your Enthusiasm. Easy.

9 Where does your name comes from?
It’s an old english phrase , which means ‘to bullshit’

10 What your mum thinks about what you do?
My mum is Ghanian. Ghanian parents only ever want to see their kids in the medical profession.

11 What’s your guilty pleasure?

12 Tell us about your meeting with JC de Castelbajac.
He’s fucking amazing. And one of the few designers that are genuinely into music. He was dancing like a maniac in the front row of my show at Showcase. He’s wicked.

13 Any scoop about him?
He’s hot!

14 Who’s the worst bitch, according to you?
There are many. But I can be a bitch at times so I can’t point any fingers.
15 How do you express your bitchyness?
If i let it build up it gets ugly. I hold grudges too much, it’s a bad trait. Also I get jealous a lot. Jealousy is awful, really ugly. But on a positive note, it makes me very competitive and I like winning so that’s good.

16 Which question would you like to be asked?
What do you know about polar bears?

17 What would you answer?
Polar bears are patient hunters and can often wait a whole day to catch a seal for it’s food. But a polar bear can live off one seal for an entire week. No I didn’t google that, I just like polar bears.

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Classé dans #1 Lundi : BlingBlingGuest