Nathalie Portman’s Shaved Head ou comment faire de l’électro-rock (mais ne dites pas ça devant eux, ils ont horreur de ce terme) sans se prendre la tête. Cette bande de Seattleites (oui, oui, c’est comme ça qu’on dit, j’ai vérifié) se joue des codes en distillant une musique festive, colorée et diablement efficace sans prétention autre que de faire danser l’audience. Textes équivoques et riffs de synthé imparables ponctuent « Glistening Pleasure« , leur premier album, parfaitement maîtrisé et comportant déjà une véritable signature. En sus de tout cela, ils sont suffisamment cools pour nous accorder une interview (Luke, chanteur-guitariste-clavériste-compositeur s’y colle pour le reste du groupe).

1- What was the watchword when you started Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head?
Have fun, dance ’till you pass out, eff the haters.

2- What are your influences?
Love, magic, radio pop, Of Montreal, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Daft Punk, good sandwiches, blankets, looking at the stars, The Unicorns, The Zombies, kittens, French accents, Weezer, and No Doubt, among other things…

3- Why music?
It’s easier than film and makes your booty shake more.

4- Tell me about your creation process, who composes? Do you start with a global idea of the song?
It’s usually me in my bedroom studio plunking on a synthesizer and adding drum beats. Then Shaun and I will come together and hum to the song playing on repeat until we come up with a vocal melody. The lyrics come from the feeling or vibe that the song gives us. The songs have a mind of their own and we just go with it.

5- If you were a music critic, how would you describe your music?
« Best band ever. I must retire now because nothing will be better than this. »

6- What makes you better than the other bands?
Cooler fans. Maximum love.

7- Which song would you have dreamt to write?
Oh, man I think about that all the time. Anytime I hear a good song.Recently it was the beginning of St. Exquisite’s Confessions on the new of Montreal album. Maybe also Love Lockdown by Kanye West. I think we could do it better… sorry Kanye!

8- What your mums think of what you do?
Ha, they love it. I think they are proud.

9- What are your guilty pleasures?
It’s hard to feel guilty about any pleasures when you’re in a band called Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head and your album is called Glistening Pleasure… but here we go: Ashlee Simpson, Taylor Swift, The O.C., Cat videos on YouTube, neon colors.

10- Favourite drugs?

11- Which others bands do you feel close to, musically speaking?
I guess we’d be kind of musically close to bands we are influenced by. Maybe also bands we love and have toured with like CSS and the Faint.

12- Three words you like?
Baby, y’all, pedagogy

13- Three words you hate?
Electro, hipster, responsibility

14- What’s your favourite place to chill?
By the pool in Malibu with our friends Paris and Lindsay.

15- Do you plan gigs in France?
France! We love France! Right now there are very tentative plans to come to France in the Summer of 2009. We’ll be there as soon as possible. Cross your fingers!


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